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Aneta Ana Photography is currently one of the fastest growing wedding photography businesses on the market with tens of happy customers, providing photography service for all types of events, including corporate. In 2016 I had a pleasure to work for Government of Malaysia photographing Minister of Tourism and Culture, Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz during World Travel Market in London.

About Me:

Hi, I'm Aneta. I'm thirty something, born and raised in Cracow, Poland. 

I am a female photographer with passion offering a day to remember with top quality photos capturing that special occasion in your life. 

I am in love with documentary photography, it's the best way to tell the story of your special day. 

I'm enthusiastic, hard working and friendly (what makes customers feel comfortable in front of the camera) and ensure my pictures tell a genuine story of your wedding day. 

My story:

I was introduced to a photography at an early age, as it was one of my grandfather's biggest loves. As a kid I spent hours watching him taking pictures and working in a dark room. He was inspiring enthusiast and he always had a camera hanging from his neck. He was also very eager to start teaching me all he knows about photography.

Even though he passed away years ago I kept all his albums and always enjoyed watching old black and white pictures taken by him over the years. 

I believe this is how it all started... 


​I continued my adventure with photography at school, moved from film to digital, become familiar with photoshop and began learning about printing. 

I found digital photography incredibly interesting, and I wanted to know more, and more. I was ordering new lenses, filters, new better cameras, over and over again... 

Even when I chose to get my degree at ''travel and tourism'' I never gave up on photography. 

In 2007 my son was born and became a target...model, I mean :)

​When the moment came, I decided to connect work and passion into one. After completing all equipment and hours of practising, I'm here for you, offering a day to remember with top quality photos capturing that special occasion in your life.

“I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn’t photograph them.”
— Diane Arbus

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